You may choose to delete your account at any time. If you choose to delete the account, your data will be deleted from our system and you will not have the ability to reactivate or retrieve the data afterwards.

Note: Upon deletion, you will no longer have access to your account and you will no longer be charged. Please keep in mind, that unless you delete your account you would continually be billed.

To delete your account

  1. Mouse over the Account icon on the button left corner of your screen. Click on the Profile link
  2. In the Delete Account panel at the bottom of the page, enter your account password (you must be logged in as the Owner of the account).
  3. If the password you entered is correct, you will be prompted to confirm the account deletion. Click the "Yes, permanently delete my account" button. 

Please note - that we do not require you to tell us why you wish to stop using the app, although we would appreciate it if you would do so for we welcome all feedback so we can improve our services.